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Washing Tips for Colorful Bedding Sheets and Duvet Covers (Dolce Mela Bedding)

1. Read the Care Label.
Check for instructions that may say to wash only in cold, or with like colors. Don't forget to check for drying instructions as well. Here is a link that explains the symbols on care labels:

2. Set your washing machine. Washing machines vary in setting selections but you should make an effort to set the setting to Normal Wash and temperature no more than 40 Celsius / 105 Fahrenheit. If your washing machine lacks such detailed setting simply select Normal/Cold.

3. Use Gentle Detergent There are several detergents on the market that are formulated to prevent fading and color loss.

4. Optionally add Vinegar Vinegar doesn't have the most pleasant smell, but adding a cup to your washing machine will not only give you a natural fabric softener, but also help prevent colors from fading. The good news? The vinegar smell goes away in the wash.

5. (Important) - Wash other Dark Colors Separately

6. Don't Stuff the Washer Stuffing the washer is tempting. It will help us save time, right? Well, actually stuffing the washer can cost us quite a bit. It makes the machine work harder and it is tougher on our clothes.

7. Don't Over Dry While this is bad for all laundry, it is particularly bad for bright and dark colors. Over drying will cause your colors to fade. Set a timer and don't forget about your clothes. The sheets should be slightly damp when they are pulled from the dryer.

Selling Drop Shipping Products Online

- Drop Shipping enables you to sell products virtually anywhere. Whether you have a brick & mortar store, an e-commerce store, publishing a blog, or sell on eBay or Amazon, drop shipping offers an efficient method of sourcing products.

- First and foremost the vendor should provide you all the information you need to publish and resell the products. e.g. Photos, Catalog, Wholesale Price List, Inventory Availability Report, Promotional Coupons and more.

- Drop shipping saves you the cost of holding inventory. If you're like most people starting a small business, you don't have a huge amount of capital to get your business of the ground. The last thing you want to do is tie up all of your cash on inventory that may or may not sell.

- Risks associated with non-selling products are minimized with drop shipping.  With no inventory on hand, there is not any leftover stock. Let's face it, products can suddenly become outdated, obsolete, or just plain unpopular. While other retailers are selling their stock at deep discounts – taking a huge loss, you can move onto the next hot product. You will never be stuck with a stockroom full of unwanted products while drop shipping. This simple business model frees up space, money, time, and stress by not requiring you to warehouse products. While other internet business owners are filling their houses or renting stockrooms to store inventory, you can enjoy not having to deal with those headaches.

- Last but not least, drop shipping allows you to focus on making money.   With this easy-to-use business model, you are not required to keep track of inventory.   Nor, do you have to handle products or ship them.  The vendor manages the inventory availability and makes it available to you, so you can only focus on your sales techniques.