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Dolce Mela Bedding Wholesale Drop Ship program

Our Collection of Bedding, Decorative Vases and Curtains is offered for drop shipping at wholesale prices with our comprehensive drop ship program through our distribution centers located in New York and New Jersey.

Our drop shipping program is offered to any size of business with a valid business license (or a resale TAX ID) or to individuals who can provide their social security number. This is ONLY required for taxation purposes.

We have no minimum order demands and we do not charge drop shipping fees.

Applying for a wholesale account is easy and it only takes a couple minutes at this link:



Note: We prefer applicants that understand eCommerce and the drop shipping business processes and although we are willing to work with anyone who is serious about doing business with us, we reserve the right to request a $25 deposit to process applications for applicants that we determine as new starters in the business of drop shipping. 

We will however refund or credit this money back to you with the first purchase order we receive.